I use many resources to help shift a client’s thinking by opening the mind (and the heart) to a different perspective. For example, a lot of Bill Schwarz’s work through the generative organization stems from “We can only control that which has not yet occurred” so we can start to be forward thinking and identify where we can anticipate rather than react. All of these resources, in some way, get to “I am the cause” and learning about the mastery of self (going back to my belief that you can be the brightest business person ever, but not have a positive impact on those around you, leave the legacy you intend, etc).


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By Josh Waitzkin
By Patrick A. Ungashick
By Michael A. Singer
By Keith J. Cunningham
By The Arbinger Institute
By The Arbinger Institute
By Ned Herrmann, Ann Herrmann-Nehdi
By Peter Thiel, Blake Masters
By Patrick M. Lencioni
By William J. Schwarz
By Andy Andrews
By Gary Keller, Jay Papasan
By Michael A. Singer
By Patrick M. Lencioni
By Paulo Coelho
By Lee Thayer