We have worked with our partners for many years and would recommend any of them without reservation.

Since 1957, Vistage has been bringing together successful CEOs, executives, and business owners into private peer advisory groups guided by expert executive coaches, known as Vistage Chairs. This assembly of peers and expert leaders makes up Vistage Worldwide, an executive coaching organization. Lisa Dugan has been a Vistage chair, leading several CEO and key executive groups, for more than 10 years.

Bixler Consulting Group drives business results through award winning leadership development that grows brands, teams, and organizations. Lisa Dugan has been a partner, consultant, and executive coach for Bixler Consulting for nearly 25 years.

PearTree Consulting helps people capture and enhance their intellectual capital in books, training programs, white papers, case studies, and other written forms of communication.  Owner Debra Partridge is an expert writer, editor, and instructional designer with over 25 years experience working with diverse businesses in diverse industries. Lisa Dugan has been a colleague, mentor, and partner with PearTree Consulting for more than 25 years.

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