Lisa Dugan, Executive Coach

Lisa Dugan will help you get out of your own way by making the invisible visible. She will challenge you to uncover your blind spots and discover your reality.  

Lisa is insightful, inspiring, and impactful.  Insightful from more than 25 years experience with businesses large and small.  Inspiring to help the most seasoned executive and the newest manager achieve their best. Impactful enough to add value to your business, whether you are starting up, growing up, or selling out.     

When you engage with Lisa, she will challenge you to:

  • Recognize and remove barriers to your progress and success
  • Get hard results, faster, and with greater precision
  • Gain clarity and insight on why you do what you do
  • Think strategically and make bold, calculated decisions
  • Communicate more effectively up, down, and across your organization
  • Recognize, hire and retain top talent in your industry
  • Improve your relationship with your employees, your leadership team or your board of directors

Lisa doesn’t give you the solution. She leads you through the discussion like a trail guide nudging you towards a solution, often asking a provocative question from a completely different angle to give you a full 360 degree view of the situation. Using your own knowledge and strengths, she helps you find the answer.”
— R. J. Dadd, VP General Manager, Impact Specialties, Inc.
Lisa has a tremendous grasp of how to help executives and owners grow as business people and humans. Her ability to step in your shoes with you allows her to feel what you feel, and attack challenges from a common point woking on tactical decisions, without forsaking your long-term strategies. Lisa is my most trusted advisor.
— Ken Lundin, SVP Sales, Okinus, Inc.

professional highlights

  • Partner and Executive Coach for 25 years with Bixler Consulting Group
  • Chairperson for 10 years for Vistage International, the world's largest CEO membership organization
  • Executive Coach to numerous Fortune 500 executives 
  • Certified practitioner in multiple assessment instruments, including Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument, the Harrison Assessment, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and the Hogan Leadership Assessment Series
  • Co-author of several business books on executive presence and advancement strategies for success
  • Frequent contributor to national publications and other media
  • Presenter and panel moderator at numerous Vistage International conferences and seminars
  • Executive MBA Advisory Board Member and Adjunct Professor at Kennesaw State University

To grow personally and professionally does not happen alone or in isolation or often enough. It takes a great coach like Lisa, a willingness, and a bold group like Vistage, to push you and pull you to become who you were meant to be. Truly, priceless and real.
— Beth Cooper, Vistage Member

Example Engagements

  • Cultural alignment through strategic thinking and behavioral change for a clinical application software company
  • Strategic exit planning for a reluctant staffing company owner.
  • Long term strategic planning for a rapidly growing fragrance manufacturer.
  • Leadership assessment and executive coaching for a the CEO of an artisanal ice cream maker.
  • Executive coaching to a young, inexperienced CEO of a startup software integration company who helped them grew revenue 2000% in five years.

Lisa does not act as the judge, but as the muse for her clients. She will come to understand the real core values that you have and then help you step through whatever processes are required to create a road map for getting there, without trying to change you.
— Vistage Member