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You inspire me and others to not only achieve their best in business, but probably as important or if not more important how to make us better as people. That means taking care of ourselves, our families, our friends, and constantly being there. In business, it’s pushing to have real business goals, helping to achieve them and holding us/me accountable when they are not achieved.
— Vistage member

Coaching Packages


Designed for leaders who want to be heard. We'll focus on your communication style, your self-awareness, and how you can take your game to the next level. Includes:

  • Six monthly meetings
  • HBDI Thinking Styles assessment and debrief

Price = $6,840


Leadership Package 

Designed for leaders who need to navigate the many dynamics of leading a company. We'll focus on strategy, your legacy, and how you want to be as a leader, including all of the cogs in the wheel that make your company work and how you can have a fulfilled life. Includes:

  • Twelve monthly meetings
  • HBDI Thinking Styles Assessment and debrief
  • Harrison Talent Assessment and debrief

Price = $12,480


Designed for a leader and his or her executive team. We'll focus on culture, communication, team dynamics, and working together effectively toward a common goal.  And, we'll identify and tackle your team's specific issues. Includes:

  • HBDI debrief for each team member
  • Team report
  • Team debrief

Price = Please inquire, since these engagement are always unique.

Lisa has a unique way of making you want to talk about and tackle the challenges you may not look forward to everyday. She encourages you and guides you to look at challenges from all different angles. By processing big challenges together, a clear path to success often emerges. You just need the courage to step forward.
— Keith Meade, IBM