Questions we might ask about your leaders when planning for custom workshops

Vision and Strategy questions

Do your top leaders understand your vision?
Who are your best leaders?
What motivates them?
What do they do really well as leaders?
How do your employees view your leaders?

Financial and measurement questions

What is your leaders' role in your financial success?
How do you measure your leaders' success?
What are you doing to build a culture of accountability?
Why do people join your company?
Why do people leave?

Process questions

What is your problem-solving process?
What is your decision-making process?
Do your leaders have the right skills and knowledge to execute?
How do you coach your top performers?
What positive reinforcement do you provide?

Communication questions

How could you improve employee communications?
Do your customers rave or rage about your employees?
Is teamwork helping or hindering progress?
What do your employees fear the most?
What do they want the most?